Burlington Swim & Tennis Club

Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons are for MEMBERS ONLY.

  • Swimming lessons are offered to children ages 3 through 17.
  • Children must be potty trained (no swim diapers allowed in the big pool).
  • Children must be willing to get into the water without a parent (parents are not allowed in the pool area during lessons).
  • Lessons are $56.50 per child. The session runs for six weeks and will begin the week of July 2 (no lessons on July 4) and run through August 6. There will be one week of makeups at the end of the session to accommodate for any canceled lessons. Lessons take place in the morning between the hours of 10 a.m. and Noon.

Please sign up your child for the level that you think is appropriate:

  • Level 1 – New swimmer. Cannot be in the pool unassisted. Children must be potty trained and willing to get into the pool without a parent.
  • Level 2 – Can support themselves in the pool (doggy paddle). Must be able to put face in the water. Begin working on strokes like freestyle and backstroke.
  • Level 3 – Can swim freestyle and backstroke by themselves. Lifeguards are not in the pool at this level.
  • Level 4 – Knows all 4 strokes. Improving technique and work on flip turn.
  • Level 5 – Stroke and turn – Perfect for advanced swim team members who are looking for more individual coaching.

Registration is OPEN!

Private lessons
Private lessons are available to members only upon request. Please see the head lifeguard for more information.